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this is a long story...its not finished...and eh...yeah...thats all...theres alot of bad grammar
This Is only the first two chapter of this book. I am going to admit, it is alot like Queen of the Damned by :Anne Rice, but It's not like I'm going to publish this book, I write only for fun. Enjoy!
Chapter One: The Love Story

I am Zomara, and I am married to Lazarus. Lazarus. The most beautiful creature among this pitiful world. He isn't human, he isn't dead, he isn't alive, but he is, the UN-dead. No, he is not Dracula, nor is he Lestat from Anne Rice's vampire chronicles. Well, to be honest, Lazarus does have a sort of Lestat touch in him. That sexy, evil, rock star, modern, gothic, self-centered touches. Lazarus looks human, but he isn't human. He was human, so was I, but now we are not. I met Lazarus and died three hundred years ago. Back in 2003, when I was still young and crazy about the world. I died at age twenty-seven, but Lazarus died at age seventeen. Even though he died younger than I did, I was still younger than what he was in age. Actually to be exact, I was two hundred years younger than he was. Lazarus right now would be about five hundred years old. I met Lazarus at one of his rock performances. He was crazed about Anne Rice's, Vampire Lestat. He wanted to be just like him, and to be honest, he was. The thing that probably made Lazarus catch my attention, was the way he was like Lestat. I had liked Anne Rice's novels and the movie Queen of the Damned for the longest time. I loved Lestat, I'd dream about how beautiful he was, and I craved someone like Lestat. Even though in Anne rice's queen of the damned Lestat was a blond, gray-eyed guy, I'd imagine him has the brown hair green eyed guy.
Lazarus was a very attractive and perfected to my desires guy. He was such a charmer, he could get any woman he desired. All he had to do was walk in front of them and look into their eyes. His eyes had a beautiful green glow no other living being had ever had. Well of course, he wasn't living. He was wicked, he would just have a dark, gothic image in him, his style, the way he talked, everything, was wicked. He was romantic, and he showed it to me the day we met. He could rock the world with what he called "Vampire" music, which was what everyone at the moment loved. They liked how he was like Lestat, he would say he was a vampire, but no one believed him. No one believed in Vampires anymore, and if they did, it wasn't like real Vampire stuff. Most people who claimed to be Vampires back then were the teenage, Manson and Lazarus lovers. I say, Pitiful crowd of poseur souls. Back then, I believed in Vampires, never thought I was one though, neither did I ever dream of becoming one. I mean, yes I always wanted some sort of miracle to happen. The type like Lestat would come out of Anne Rice's books and come and take me to a new land where we can embrace eternally. Foolish woman I was. I worked at a swimming pool selling tickets so people could go and wet themselves in a pool. I sometimes imagined a pool of blood, something more like a blood bath. I wanted so badly to have the ability to turn water into blood like god did in the bible. Poor humans, they would have probably screamed their heads off, but I don't see why. I mean it's only blood, they have it through their veins, and it washes off with a good shower. My imagination was wild. I remember sitting behind that horrible counter under the heat, writing fake letters to fake friends (pathetic I was) and guys. Guys who included Lestat, Armand, Marious, Luis, and sometimes even this made up guy I created called Herman. That same afternoon during work I met a girl named Morgan. She was not like the average humans I saw walk in and out of the pool. She was sort of chubby, she wore a cross and a pentagram at the same time. She had curly, faded pink hair, and wore cat-eyed contacts. In a way she was like the other teenagers I had seen wondering at night with fake fangs and fake blood dripping from their foreheads, but in another way she wasn't. She wore the typical band shirt and baggy pants, all black. Actually to be honest, the thing about her that caught my attention the most, was the way she talked. She had a British accent, even though we were here in good old Finland. I asked her if she wanted to come over to my house. I expected her to say no because I was a total stranger, but to my surprise she just said "yeah." After work I met up with her right outside the pool's front gates. We hopped in my car, and were on our way to my lovely home. The car ride was an odd car ride. There was a lot of silence, too much silence I say. "So Morgan, how old are you," I asked her. She looked at me for the longest time and murmured quietly "how do you know my name?" I too was freaked out at that moment. How did I know her name? I asked myself a few times before I answered her question. I mean, she never told me her name, but someone else must have, but who? "Well, I don't know, I just know." I laughed. "So how old are you Morgan?" I was hoping I would get out of this sticky situation, apparently I did. "Fourteen" she murmured.
After that little talk, we didn't talk at all until we got to my house. Once we entered my house, the first thing she did was ask where the bathroom was at, and go to it. Meanwhile I prepared us a cold drink. When she came out of the bathroom she asked me if she could use my phone, I of course told her yes. She talked for a few minutes with some sort of mysterious person. Apparently it wasn't anyone of her family, nor her boyfriend, or friend. When she was done talking on the phone, I took her to my bedroom and we chatted about meaningless things for a long time until I asked her one simple question, which changed my life forever.
"Who is the guy on your shirt?" I asked her. Her Shirt was black, and in blood red lettering was written the word Forsaken. Right below "Forsaken" was a picture of a guy. He had green piercing eyes that seemed to come alive every time I looked at them. He had about chin length black hair, or so I guessed because his hair faded into the blackness of the shirt. His face was pale white, and he had crimson lips. "That's Lazarus, the most perfect guy on earth." She answered. "He is the lead singer of Forsaken, a rock band that call their music "vampire" music, I'm going to see them in concert in seventeen days for my 15th birthday party."
Vampire music, I thought to myself. Why does this guy give me some sort of feeling as if I've known him all my life? I don't know. I don't. I mean now I do know who this guy is, he is my Prince, my king. But back then he was just a reflection on a broken mirror. Hard to see yet so clear. This guy was Perfection itself. But why? Why? Why? Lazarus…I love his name. Lazarus
I have been having visions and dreams. I dream of a man, Lazarus. A song, a song so beautiful, it awakes me from my eternal sleep. As I open my eyes the first thing I see is that man right in front of me. He kisses me, and my lips start to bleed. He wipes the blood off my lips with his fingertips, he tastes my blood. Then I always wake up, at the same time, 4:44 a.m. I thought about it like crazy, what is it? What could it be? But no answers were found. Lazarus was so beautiful. That man made my blood boil. He made me desire and crave him so much. He was too beautiful. I walked back and forth in my room while thinking about Lazarus. Too much thinking made my head explode in anger. I looked at the clock and it read 10:32 a.m. I was late for work again. I threw on a pair of jeans, a black T-shirt, and some cheesy Hawaiian hat. I ran outside trying to eat my breakfast and getting my car keys out at the same time. I managed to open the door to my car and eat my breakfast. I was about maybe ten minutes away from work when my car broke down. I got out of my car and started running. I bumped into someone so hard it knocked both of us down to the floor. I looked at him and I saw Lazarus. "Lazarus?" I said. "No mate, I'm sorry for bumping into you," said a man with blonde hair and blue eyes. My mind had been playing tricks with me. All I could think about and see was that man, Lazarus.
"You are late to work Zomara, I can't have you doing this all the time." I knew I was in trouble the moment I heard Emily's voice. Emily is my preppy assed manager. "If you are late next time, I'm going to fire you and kick you out like the thing you are, trash. The only reason you are still here is because my father is very much in love with you. Pitiful old bastard." I walked off; I couldn't stand her high-toned voice. I slipped on my uniform and imitated Emily's voice while I stepped into the counter. "Good imitations, she does sound a lot irritating" a man with black chin length hair and green sparkling eyes spoke to me. "Hi, may I help you" I answered him with that? I couldn't believe it! "Yes my lady, I am looking for Zomara" I smiled at him, oh he was such a beauty. "This is she" he handed me a red rose and then just left. I grabbed the rose and one of its sharp points pricked my finger and made it bleed. I looked at my finger and reached out to lick the blood off, but before I could, I fell into one of those- oh-so-real daydreams. Lazarus came right in front of me and grabbed my finger and licked the blood off of it. It was a short vision, I looked at my finger, and there was no more blood on it, my wound gently closed all by it's own.
Woah! Did that just really happen? I asked myself about five hundred times. How do you cut your finger and bleed to almost death (I'm exaggerating now) have a vision some vampire dude licks it off, return back to reality with no more blood and see your wound close up as if nothing had ever happened? "Hey Zomara" I heard a familiar voice talk to me. I looked up and saw that familiar face, Morgan. "Hey, what's up Morgan?" I asked her the same question I hated to be asked. Damn, I'm a hypocrite. "Oh nothing" she gave the same response I hated hearing yet said all the time. Yup, I am a damn hypocrite. "So what do you want now?" I asked her as if I didn't know what she wanted already. She probably wanted me to lend my car to her. Actually, to my surprise, she didn't. "Oh, I came over to tell you something that really upset me today" she spoke to me with a voice full of sorrow. "What is it Morgan?" I asked her. "Lazarus, he described a perfect woman, and she didn't look at all like me" she replied. I was relieved, I thought it was something worse than that, teenagers, crushing on forbidden guys. (Lol) Forbidden guys. "What was the perfect woman like then?" I asked her jokingly. "Like you, she sounded a description like you" my heart frizzed at that moment. " She was tall, tan, skinny, brown long hair, beautiful brown eyes, kind hearted, yet evil. Witty, beautiful inside and out. It sounds too much like you" I laughed because I didn't think I was kind hearted, but Morgan assured me I was. " Look Morgan, there are many guys who would kill to have such a beautiful young girl like you." I tried making her feel better, but I guess I made her feel worse. Morgan burst out in tears screaming about how she was fat and short. "Sure you are a little bit over weighted, but that can be changed, and about your height, don't worry. If a guy truly likes you, he wont care about your height" I assured her. I went around the counter and next to her. I hugged her tight, and she cried against me and told me she loved me. "I love you too Morgan, I do"
I closed my eyes for a second or two, and when I opened them up, I was not embracing Morgan, I was embracing Lazarus. I held him tight next to me and gave him a kiss. I woke up from my daydream when I heard Morgan shriek is disgust. "Ewww, you kissed me! Zomara you kissed me!" She screamed. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry, I thought you were Lazarus, I've been having weird visions." I tried to explain to her, but she was just a dumb 14 year old girl who didn't understand that Lazarus was a free young man and didn't belong to her. " Oh so now you are liking Lazarus? Well back off, he is mine! All mine!" she screamed out to me. I couldn't believe what she was saying. She was claiming Lazarus was hers, she has never even met him. This girl was a psycho, Lazarus controlled her mind. The way he controlled mine.
Today, as I walked along the streets of Helsinki. I saw a vision, a vision that almost seemed real. I saw Lazarus, holding me tight in his arms, drinking blood from my neck. You might think it's bizarre because things like this only happened in Hollywood movies like Dracula 2000, and Queen of the Damned. The vision must have lasted a long time, because when I awoke from it, a crowd of people was around me trying to wake me up. I'm guessing they though I had a break down and my body just shut down, pathetic.
I just continued walking as I heard them talking about what just happened to me. I thought I needed to hide because the voices were pestering me so much. I could hear people talking miles away from me, all at the same time. So I went into a music store and put on a pair of headphones and pressed play. A song came on, the song I had been hearing in my dreams for the past few weeks. I quickly looked at the CD number, it was number five. I grabbed the book that was lying on top of the counter. It had CD's with numbers on them. The first CD was a Black Sabbath CD, the second CD was Iggy pop, third one was Cradle of Filth, fourth CD was Metallica, and the fifth CD took my breath away. There it was, the person who wrote the song that haunted me
for two weeks in my sleep. I should have known, but I didn't, the song I long to hear at night, the dream I crave to dream, it all was written by that one band, that one man, Forsaken, Lazarus.
I began to feed off of his music, his voice, and his music clips. I quickly walked to the "F" section of the rock genres. I looked for Forsaken, but I saw nothing. "Hey, miss, is your name Zomara?" I looked back and a tall old woman was there, talking to me. "Yeah, why?" I answered the old woman. "Some Lad, dropped this off and said to give it to Zomara, he said he was sure you were going to be here" She handed me a squared shaped, thick, little box that was wrapped in Halloween wrapping paper. "Thank you" I murmured, and walked towards one of the stores chairs and sat in one. I inspected the box for a few seconds before I opened it. I just wondered, how did this unknown person know I was going to go in here? I mean, I didn't even think I was going to go into this music store today. I had not even planned this, how did he know?
I tore the wrapping paper off; I could see the brown cardboard. Whatever I was suppose to receive was inside that little cardboard box. I opened it, and in that box, there were three CD's. All with the word "Forsaken" written on them. I laughed at that moment. How did Lazarus know that today I wanted to buy their CD. How did Lazarus know that they were sold out, how did he know I would come here, how did that woman know I was Zomara, how? I took a taxi back home because I was too paranoid to drive my own car. When I was ready to open the door of my house, a hand reached out and touched my shoulder. I let out a deadly scream and looked back, it was only Morgan. Boy, I felt stupid. "Hey, can I stay over tonight?" asked Morgan as she entered my door. "Yeah sure, hey what do you have there in your hand?" she was holding a magazine with Lazarus's photo on it. "Oh, that's my sexy lad, well you know, Lazarus, I told you about him. In here is his very first interview with the media." I told her to go up to my room and stay there, and that I was going to make some drinks for us so we could read that article. This time I rushed on making the drinks, I was anxious to see what that interview said. Then I started remembering an interview with the vampire and how Luis was interviewed. I walked up to my room and closed the door, I sat next to Morgan on my bed. "Open it, let's read about the "vampire", let's see what he says" I told Morgan as I handed her a cup. She opened the first page and looked at the index. It said in big black bold letters "Lazarus: the interview with the sexy vampire pg.18." I laughed a bit, I mean, Lazarus was just rewriting Anne Rice's vampires into himself, first Lestat, my big love, and now Luis. Morgan flipped the pages until she got to page 18. On page eighteen there was a huge photo of Lazarus, the most beautiful one. He was wearing a white velvet, old century style shirt that was stained with "blood". Black leather pants that had a long silver chain attached to them. His green eyes were as live as me looking right into Morgan's eyes. His red lips stained his pale white skin. I began to read the article, as it said:
Forsaken's sexy Lazarus has taken the world up side down with his amazing voice, and his "vampire" love. Today I had the pleasure of having an interview with the man himself.
Circus Magazine: Hi Lazarus, how are you doing today?
Lazarus: eh? I could be doing a little better, need to catch up on some feeding.
CM: Lol. Tell us Lazarus, what was it that made you want to become a rock star?
L: Probably because the sick little bastards woke me up from my eternal, not so eternal anymore sleep.
CM: Ah, I see, so do any of your songs have a special meaning?
L: I don't know, you may figure that out for yourself.
CM: Oh I will. Lazarus, I have been hearing some eerie stories about you saying you are a Vampire, can you tell us a bit about that?
L: [Long pause] what is there to say?
CM: Well do you feast on human blood?
L: Well I would have though Circus Employees would know the legend of Dracula and Vampires by now.
CM: Does the sun kill you, or a stake through the heart?
L: I think a stake through the heart would kill anyone.
CM: Do you have a queen? Or like a woman Vampire?
L: Actually, now that you mention it, I'm working on that right now. I have my eyes set on a woman, that I have chosen to be my wife, but then again, I am not Dracula. I am better, I am Lazarus.
I stopped right there and started thinking. Could he be talking about me? No, I don't think so. "Hey why you stopped reading?" asked Morgan "continue reading!" so I did.
CM: May we know the lucky ladies name?
L: As a matter of a fact, no you may not.
CM: Oh come on. Well maybe later. What are your plans for this Saturday's concert? It's only 2 days away from now.
L: Well, I usually don't plan, I just do. But I have to admit that I have been planning that day out for over 200 years. My lady will be there, and we will embrace the moment we meet.
CM: 200 years, interesting. So the Mystery girl is going to be there right? So you invited her as your special guest or something?
L: No, I didn't. I just know she will be there. I haven't even met her yet, but I know she will be there.
CM: a lot of people compare you to Vampire Lestat from Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. Do you see any resemblance in you two?
L: In a way yes, in another no. I would say I'm way more attractive than Lestat [laughs] and for sure, I know how to rock this world. And I'm bound to be wicked, more than what he will ever be. Yes, we are alike; it's just like I said before. Either way, this is reality, Lestat is a character from Anne's imagination, I am real, flesh and bones, with lot's of blood. Even if he was a real man, let me assure you, I am, what can I say…better.
CM: Wow, Lazarus, you are very secure on yourself, very confident, where did you get this from?
L: Well tell me, if you were over two hundred years old, wouldn't you have a lot of experience about this world, and be a bit self-centered?
CM: I guess I would. But you aren't two hundred years old; you must be between the ages of seventeen to twenty seven. Why you look very young, but old at the same time. It's hard to tell.
L: Well you wouldn't know that would you? You know nothing about me. I could be two hundred years old, I could be seventeen. That you shall never know. I am an unwritten law, which you mortals shall worship soon. I am Lazarus.
CM: Well we are running out of time. Is there anything you would like to say to anyone?
L: Yes, there is. My darling queen, I'm coming for you soon.
"Oh my god!" cried out Morgan "wouldn't it be so cool if I was Lazarus queen? If I was the chosen one?" I stayed quiet for a long time. Was Lazarus talking about me? Was he? I needed to know, but I didn't. "Hey, are you there? What's wrong? You can trust me Zomara, tell me what on your mind?" I didn't know if I should tell Morgan about these bizarre things. "Morgan, I've been seeing things, hearing things, and needing things." I told her as I reached to my purse and took out the three CD's "look, someone left these for me in a music shop" Morgan stared at the CD's for the longest time "can I hold them?" she asked as if they were something sacred. I nodded my head, and she grabbed them and pressed them against her chubby pale face. "These are the most rare CD's forsaken has ever made. Only ten copies were made. Ten copies! And you have three of them!" I felt my heart sink into the bottom of my once used to be bottomless pit of my heart. Lazarus liked me, and I was beginning to like him back. I didn't even know who this guy was, but I didn't care. I loved the way he would appear in my dreams, the way his song, his voice, played every single night in my head while I slept. "Oh my Fucking God!" I looked towards Morgan and she was holding one ticket in her hands. "Where you get this from?" she asked me. I still didn't know what that ticket was for. "What is it?" I asked her puzzled. "A ticket that gives you permission to enter Forsaken's concert, go backstage, and spend 1 night in Lazarus house!" I couldn't believe it. "Where you find it at?" I asked her and she told me she found it in my purse. I smiled at that moment cause I knew Lazarus wanted me. Out of this whole world full of beautiful young women, he could have any of those beautiful young women, and out of all those women, he wanted…. Me…

Today was the day before the concert, and I, I was getting ready. I had to look my best for my king, yes, MY king. Morgan and I went to a beauty salon (yes I did have a girly side in me) to get our hair, nails, and make-up done. Morgan insisted in dying her hair purple with green tips, so she did. She said she wanted Lazarus to notice she was an individual. I actually thought it was quite poseur-ish, it was a rock show. Most people there were probably going to be little teenage kids with wacky hair colors and black lips- stick with fake fangs and blood. Maybe even wearing a Metallica or Forsaken shirt with many spikes and chains, the typical thing. I didn't tell Morgan what I thought, but whatever. She was having fake nails glued on her short nails. She had picked black nail polish and up side down red crosses to be colored on her nails. Her make-up was horrible, at least I thought so anyway. She seemed to be loving it, so I felt as if I shouldn't tell her anything, and I didn't. She had gotten her face painted pale white, black lipstick with fake blood dripping down from the sides of her tips. She had black eye shadow and eyeliner with up side down crosses hanging from the ends of her eyes. All I could think was "pathetic little kid." The thing that actually looked the worst about her was bound to be her clothing. I will tell you what she wore later, right now I will tell you what I had commanded to be done at the salon. My hair is fairly long, maybe up to my waist, so it took a long time to straighten it out. My natural hair is pretty wavy, which I hate. My make-up was natural yet a bit still gothic looking. I had kind of a crimson colored lipstick on, it still looked natural because my lips are a crimson color. I had a dark brown eye shadow and a bit of eyeliner. No work had to be done with my nails, they were perfect the way they were. Now, to talk about the wardrobe. We went down to my friend's house. She had many type of different clothing. From gothic to girlish, from punk to gangster. I thought that all her clothing was amazing, and that whatever Morgan and I wore, it would look incredible, I was so wrong. Morgan mixed my friend's clothing into this very not so cool style. She thought she looked divine, I thought she looked amazingly disgusting. Once again she said she wanted Lazarus to see her individuality and her sexiness. She wore pink torn up net hose, a black short skirt that was about 8 inches above her knee. A short shirt that said sexy on it, which revealed her not so great stomach. She wore a net shirt under the "sexy" shirt so it would at least cover up her stomach a bit, and shoes that were bound to be at least 6 inches high. I told her she looked horrible, she just said I was jealous. I looked divine, I guess I always have looked divine. I wore a black velvet dress that was maybe 4 inches above my knee, knee high, black leather strap on boots, and that's it. Only two pieces of clothing did I need to look divine. I was what I was about to become…a queen!
We had to drive about 3 hours to get to the concert. It was being held in Helsinki, Finland. Once we were getting close to Helsinki, traffic caught up with us. Good thing we woke up 5 hours early. We waited in that god-awful traffic for 2 long hours. I was remarkably enraged because I thought that I wasn't going to be able to see my prince. Well I guess he had it all planned out because the time that we arrived there was perfect.
That place was so crowded, there must have been thousands of people there, all dressed in black, with phony fangs. We had to park about one mile away from the concert and walk the rest. On our way there, I got many complement from extremely attractive guys. This made Morgan furious because she was a very jealous girl. There was a man waiting by a limousine with a sign that read Golden Ticket, around that man was a huge crowd of flesh ripping girl that would do anything to see Lazarus. I made my way through the crowd and got to talk to the man by the limousine. "Hey, what's the golden ticket?" I yelled to the guy, that crowd was way too loud. "I don't know, Lazarus gave a ticket to one very Unlucky victim, god know what he does with the poor girls." I thought this to be very funny, but well I guess I was the Unlucky girl. I took out my ticket and showed it to him "is this the ticket?" he looked at me for the longest time "I guess it is."
I was excited, only one hour remained for the concert to start, and I was a lucky woman, because I was going to meet Lazarus right about now. The man opened the Limousine's door and told me to get in. I grabbed Morgan's hand and tried getting in. "she can't go, only you" he told me as he stretched his arm across the door blocking the way from Morgan. I was pretty mad at his foolishness, and I knew Lazarus wanted me there, so I told him that if she didn't go, I wouldn't go. The crowd of crazy girls was starting to get crazier, so he made up his mind and let Morgan in. "oh my god Zomara! We are going to meet Lazarus, we are going to meet him!" Morgan said with a squeaky voice. I could see her eyes watering as I thought to myself, "poor girl, too bad she wasn't chosen, oh well. Not all of us can be lucky enough to have such a man like Lazarus." The driver announced us that we were almost there. When we got there, it was a cemetery, and there was a man, dressed in black, I could only see his back though. Another man came and opened the door for us, he warned us to be careful around Lazarus, and he also told us that he did bite. "Cute" I though out loud. I could hear my heart beating so fast as I walked closer to Lazarus. By this time Morgan was fully crying, her make-up was so messed up. I was just a few steps away from meeting him, the prince of darkness, and no, not Ozzy Osbourne. I walked a bit faster till I was about three feet away from him, he gently turned around, and my heart just stopped.
He was so beautiful, so perfect, and so divine. "Hello" he smiled at us revealing those great white fangs of his. His sexy Finnish accent, it sent shivers down my spine. "Oh my god!" Morgan screamed as she ran to hug him " I had dreamed of this moment so many times at night! Lazarus, will you marry me?" she cried while still holding on to him. Lazarus just kept on looking at me and smiling. He gently pulled her off him and looked at her and then at me. "I'm sorry my darling, but I have chosen another woman to be my bride" he laughed with a diabolical erotic laughter that made me shudder. Morgan joined in laughing. Lazarus took my hand and kissed it, he dragged Morgan and I to a place deep in the woods. Finally he took us to a gazebo and we sat down. "So Zomara, how are you doing tonight my love?" he asked me with his deep sensual voice. Morgan just stared at him with her mouth wide open. "How do you know my name?" I answered him. I was playing the hard to get type of woman. "I know everything, plus I could smell it in your blood, sweet woman, have sweet names" his answer just made me feel as if I was in heaven, with an angel rosin from hell. "Yeah well my name is Morgan, and in German it means morning, I think." Morgan broke the big gap of silence that was going between the three of us. Mainly Lazarus and I, and I think Morgan knew that Lazarus wasn't attracted to her at all, but more to me. "So Zomara, tell me, are you a big fan of mine? Do you too love me?" Lazarus completely ignored Morgan and started talking to me once again. "I love you Lazarus! I have since the moment you first came out on MTV." Once again interrupted Morgan. I could tell Lazarus was being very much annoyed by Morgan, so he ordered one of his man that were waiting in the limousine to come pick her up and take her to the concert. "Drevan, come here and take our little young girl back to the concert. Make sure she has a good view" Morgan's mouth become wider than before. "What?! Why?" She was speechless. "Sorry Meagan, Morgan, whatever your name is. You have become rather more like a pest to me, than an attractive young lady. Plus, I don't enjoy being with little girls like you. Not so individual. Now go." That was the most cruel yet so Evil in an appealing way, thing I had ever heard a man say to a girl. Morgan's eyes filled up with tears as she left. Once Morgan was out of sight, Lazarus stood up and sat closer to me. I felt my heart beating faster than five hundred miles per hour. I think he felt it too, he was so close to me that I could feel him breathing against my skin. I just wanted to kiss those red as wine lips of his. He leaned closer to me and caressed my face with his dead cold fingertips. I shivers, I think he did too. It was way too hard to resist; he was too hard to resist. I moved in a bit closer till our lips were touching, and we began to kiss. He began to brush his fingers through my hair while our lips were still touching. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He began to give my right ear little kisses and slowly moved down to my neck. It was the most beautiful feeling ever. He kissed my neck for a while before he bit into it. I felt great pain enter my body, yet full of great pleasure. I let out a mild scream. There he drank form my blood, and I knew, he was a real vampire. He didn't drink of my blood that much, apparently he didn't want to kill me nor make me pass out.
"Wow" he said after we were done with our sort of make out session. "Yeah, wow" I replied to his little wow. We both laughed. I knew he was going to give me of his blood to drink, but I never thought it would be like in the movies. You know, where he cuts his wrist with his finger nail and blood gushes out and I drink out of it and my body dies. Actually I didn't feel any pain through my body when I drank from his blood. At least not right away. He took my hand and we walked through the cemetery, another limousine was waiting by the cemetery for me. He opened the door for me and kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear "now we belong to each other" I walked into the limousine and sat in it. I stared at him as the limousine drove off, and he just disappeared.
The rock Show
As I stepped out of the limousine, I could see the huge crowd of man-eating humans waiting for Lazarus's Performance. The media surrounded me and asked me such questions as if I was someone of importance. Well at the moment I didn't believe that I was important, but now I guess I am very much important. Lazarus's body guard and driver, Draven, had to lead me through the crowd. He took me to Morgan. The poor girl, she was so upset, but what can I say? She was lucky I even let her go. "You are such a selfish bitch Zomara!" she screamed at me, well at least tried to, the crowd was so loud that I could barely hear her talking., so I ignored her. I was in the front row; everyone was pushing and shoving. A great loud sound of thunder came from the stage announcing that Forsaken was about to begging it's performance. The first one to step out from back stage was the drummer, he sat down and started drumming. Then next came Forsaken's guitarist, he grabbed his guitar and joined Lazarus's drummer. A bit after the keyboarder came out and started playing. The Band was sounding amazing by now, but they still didn't have the voice. The stage had a huge screen as a background. It had a count down, it started from 10 and made it's way down. Everyone was excited to see what was going to happen once the numbers reached 1. "2, 3, 1" the crowd counted along. Once it reached one, we all heard Lazarus's wonderful voice singing, but we didn't see Lazarus. The whole crowd was searching for him, until finally I looked up, and there he was, on the roof of the stage. He was sitting down singing. He jumped off from where he was, and landed perfectly on the ground. He began singing that one song that haunted me in my sleep. The song was named Resurrected Love. Lazarus voice was amazing, the crowd was going insane, just pushing and moshing. The crowd was acting like a group of gorillas fighting for one banana, I looked down to the ground and saw a young woman laying on the ground being pushed into the metal of the fence. Apparently the metal was cutting through her skin because I could see red velvety blood gushing out of her face. She was screaming in pain, and even though the crowd was very loud, I could hear her mournful cries. I quickly bent down and tried helping her up, but the crowd was pushing me too. I finally got her to get up, she was crying, she was scared. No one seemed to care about what had happened to that poor girl; well I don't think anyone thought it was real blood. I mean, everyone but the adults in that concert were wearing fake fangs and fake blood. After Lazarus had sung his 5th song or so, he took a short break and talked to the audience. "Hello my children" Lazarus began his domination talk. "I am glad all of you could come here to see me perform, yes I am great. If I saw myself, I'd probably go to my concert too, but then again, I don't have a reflection, so I can't see me" He laughed and the crowd joined in. "Lazarus, I love you" a group of girls screamed from the crowd. "I love you too" Lazarus responded them "and because I love you so much, one of you will be my lucky one." Lazarus jumped off the stage and started walking through the crowd. The women were touching him and flashing their breast at him., and the man were just doing devil horns at him and telling him he rocked. Lazarus finally came upon one of the girls that shouted their love to him. He grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the crowd and into the stage. Lazarus fascinated me; I wanted to know what he was going to do next. The girl with the bloody face seemed to have forgotten about her pain because she was smiling, also waiting to see what that sexy Finnish man would do. He sat on the stage's floor with the girl next to her. Lazarus's band members went back stage and took out a portable table and brought it outside and laid it in the middle of the stage. "See that table my darling?" Lazarus pointed out the table to girl with the green hair wearing the slipknot shirt, she nodded her head. "Well first thing is first, what is your name?" he asked her and she replied "Meredith." He took her hand and stood up and walked with her towards the table. "You my love, are going to be laying on this table." Meredith seemed to be a bit slutty, so she loved the idea, either way, she'd do anything for Lazarus. " I will be taking your shirt and bras off, and you will be my drinking toy" he smiled at her as he announced his perverted plan to her and the crowd. I was amazed by what Lazarus could do, he controlled this girl's mind, he could control anyone's mind. "OK" she responded Lazarus with her British accent. "OK, now I need another volunteer" Lazarus announced the crowd. The people became barbarians, well at least they acted like them. They all pushed and shoved raising their hands up in the air waiting for Lazarus to notice their pretty little pathetic faces, and choosing them. I just stood there not amused at all, I was hoping this night was going to be more about me, like maybe he'd announce that I was his fire. He looked around the crowd and walked towards me and grabbed my hand and kissed it. "You my queen, shall be my volunteer" he told the whole crowd of now disappointed people because they weren't chosen. He took me up stage and announced to his fans that I was chosen to be his queen, and that now, I was going to have my first feast. His band members began playing that familiar tune, that tune that made up the song Bow Down Before Me. Lazarus began singing, he walked over to Meredith. She was lying on the table face up. He slit her shirt off with his fingernail, and did the same with her bra. Her breasts were fully revealed now. He continued his slitting and slit her flesh. He bent over and drank blood from the wound. He walked towards he and grabbed me by my hand and pulled me next to her. He took out a knife and slit her throat, he told em to drink from her blood, so I did. I fed on her, I ripped her skin and drank her blood. The crowd thought this was part of the show, so they just cheered on, they wanted more blood, more action. When the song was over, and I was done feeding off of that girl, he grabbed her body and flung her into the crowd. Then he grabbed my hand, and just like that, we disappeared.
The love story.
We appeared somewhere in the middle of OUR cemetery. Lazarus clapped and it began to thunder and rain. He reached out to kiss my dead lips, as the rain poured hard on us. He grabbed my hand and led me to the same spot we embraced. "Who am I now? What have I become?" I asked Lazarus, afraid to hear that I was still a human being. A piteous human being with counted years of life, but the answer he gave me, soothed my soul. "You are me, everything you are is me, everything I am is you. You are me" He leaned forward and kissed my forehead. He took my hand once more and walked us to an old shattered little house in the middle of the woods. He opened the door for me and we both entered what we call now, our sanctuary. The little house only had a bed and a mini kitchen in it. Lazarus took off his leather jacket and sat on the bed. He was too beautiful to resist. He pulled me by my hips closer to him and sat em down on his lap. "I've felt so alone all these years. Waiting for someone worthy to join me in death and living. And now that I have you next to me, I feel as if all life was erased, and now you and I may embrace eternally." Lazarus green eyes lid up more and more, his pale skin grew paler, and his cold touch grew colder. "I know you and I will rule this world, you and I will become a new god. The queen and king, you and I" Everything he said sounded so perfect. I loved hearing him talk about the future, I loved hearing him say, you and i. I stood up and walked to the little kitchen counter. "Lazarus, I don't know what to say. I've been a hopeless young woman for the longest time. Idolizing Anne Rice's Vampires, and idolizing fake images. You are my god" I felt every bit of me just relax as I told him those word. "I love you." Lazarus smiled and brushed his hand in circles against the silky, velvet sheets on the bed. He patted the bed gently and told me to lay next to him. He laid on the bed and I joined him. All I could hear was the rain pouring hard on the ground and our breaths just breathing hard against each other's skin. We gazed into each other's eyes for the longest time. Lazarus brushed his sharp long fingernails through my hair. I touched his pale and cold face and kissed his blood stained lips. He began to UN zip my dress and I began to UN do his shirt. Next thing you knew, we both were there together, embracing our souls, in a whole different way.
During our little "romantic" night, the people that had caught Meredith's body were freaked out because they found out it truly was a real body, and it was being murdered back then on stage. They reported this to the police, and the police began to look up documents and files on Lazarus. Nothing was found either, for Lazarus was dead, and those documents existed nearly two hundred years ago. They examined the victims body and viewed all the teeth marks, my, Lazarus's, and many screwed up kid's teeth marks from the crowd.
They went out looking for Lazarus, but didn't find him. The next night, when we awoke, we walked over to the police station ourselves. Lazarus knew what was going to happen, he knew everything. He knew that these kids were going to turn him in. He was arrested for three long nights. I was tiered of waiting for Lazarus to help me catch my food, so I decided to go out and get my own food for the very first time.
" You are late to work again! You tramp! You are fired!" Emily screamed at me before I could even enter the pool's doors. I was too pissed off to do anything. I mean, I could go out in the sunlight, but it really hurt my skin, so I had to wear clothing that protected my body from the sun, and sunglasses. I stayed at home sleeping most of the day, I was way too tiered to be going around in the daytime. Once the clock hit 7:00 p.m., I woke up and started plotting my revenge and feast. I called Emily and told her to meet me at the pool at 8:35. She agreed, but of course it wasn't me. It was her boyfriend speaking to her, I paid him a little visit. I could see Emily waiting there by the pool, so I walked in gently. She looked back and saw me. "Zomara, what the hell are you doing here? You aren't suppose to be here!" she cried out to me with her little preppy voice. "Neither are you" I walked towards her gently. She stood up and started walking backwards, she fell into the pool. I reached out my hand to her to "help" her. She grabbed it, and as soon as she did, I pulled her near me and bit her ear off. She screamed in horrible pain, she cried and cried. I drank her blood and poured gasoline on her. "True Emily, I might be fired, but you are on fire" I threw a match at her, and saw her go on flames. She cried and screamed and jumped into the pool. But it was too late, she was too weak and hurt, she couldn't safe her own life.
The next day when one of the employees of the pool found Emily floating face down on the pool, they called the police. The police investigated her body millions of times, they saw my teeth mark, but didn't know they were MY teeth marks. They called every single person that worked for Emily and her father, including me. "Hello, is this Zomara Corvis?" a deep grouchy voice asked. It was about 9:00 A.m. when they called, and I needed my rest. "Uh, yeah, who the hell is this?" I asked and answered them while I turned on my room's air conditioner. The guy sounded kind of offended, but I could have cared less "have more respect young lady, this is Inspector Davis, and I'm calling because a crime took place in your working place," I couldn't believe the bullshit he was talking about, so I didn't give a damn about respect. Respect up my ass, cranky old hag. " Hey look Mr. Davis, or whatever, I worked there, not anymore, Emily fired me, so I have no business with you guys, so bye" I hung up the phone, he called me thirteen more time, I counted. I got so pissed that I just unplugged my phone. After that day had passed, they did not bother me at all. I was about to go back to sleep when I heard a loud knock on the door. I was so frustrated, that I didn't open. Next thing you knew Lazarus was inside my room. "You wouldn't answer the door, so I took the liberty of coming right in" he smiled at me as he walked over to me bed and sat by my side. I sat up so I could kiss him and talk to him for a little while. "Hey, what are you doing here? Weren't you in jail? And wait, aren't vampire allergic to the sun or something like that?" Lazarus laughed quietly and then looked at me "foolish beauty of mine you are, the sun allergic crap was invented, it only happens in movies. I got released out of jail, and, I missed you dearly." He pushed me back and bent over and kissed me once more. I loved Lazarus already, just, did he really love me? He was a very depraved young looking vampire who had thousands of girls drooling to be touched by him. Why did he want me? Why? "Why do you want me Lazarus? So many beautiful young gothic girls are just praying to be held by you, and you want me. Why?" Lazarus told me to move over so he could lie next to me, so I did. He laid next to me on my bed and told me he loved me. "Why? Well, I could give you many reasons. I'll shorten them out for you." He seemed so sincere, but Lazarus was a wicked little soul, you never knew what he would do, but I knew he probably lied. Yet in a way, I had never seen nor heard him lie. "Every single girl I've met wants me. You didn't want me, I wanted you. All the girls that listen to my music and go to my concerts look the same. They all are pale and if they aren't, they paint their faces white. They have Black or funny colored hair, the band T-shirts and baggy pants. Some of them are the sex kitten type. Which I do find very attractive, but you are different" He paused to gasp for breath. "You are so pure and natural, yet so wicked and evil. I don't know, I saw you in y dreams. I saw me haunting you. I smelled you from miles away. You were so fresh, so divine." His words filled my mind with beautiful thoughts. Beautiful thoughts that I could probably never embrace. "OK" I whispered to him and then turned over so my back would we facing him. He wrapped his long pale arms around me and whispered in my ear "so did you feed?" I turned over again so that we would be facing. "Yeah, I did." He kissed my forehead and told me that he was so proud of me, that I learned "quick". "Wasn't it divine? Didn't you love having the power?" he asked me with that diabolical voice he usually gets when he talks about something that excites him. I nodded my head, and told him to go. "Why?" his wicked sexy voice turned into a hurtful kind of crying voice. He made me feel so good yet so bad at the same time. I didn't know who he was about a month ago, and now I was dying and longing for his dead touch. I was in love, he was just like all my fantasies, He fulfilled My Entire Vampire desires and cravings. Here I was, lying with the man that thousands of girls wanted to lay with, and I, I was telling him to go. Once again I rotated my body so that he would be facing my back. I could feel him breathing on my neck. Yes I did adore him, I did want him, I did need him, but I wanted him to leave me alone for now. I was tiered, in love, and hurting at the same time. Lazarus, what had he done to me? I thought about that question many times before I came up with an answer. He had not done anything to me really, other than made me loved him, and embrace me. "What if I don't want to go" his naughty voice arouse once more, it was so beautiful that it sent shivers down my spine. I wanted to tell him something like "then you don't have to go", but instead I told him, "well isn't that sad? Now leave!"
He could tell I was hurt, I could also tell he was hurt, even though he tried hiding it. I looked back to see if he was still there, and he wasn't.
Dearest Journal,
Hi, it is me once again, Lazarus. Today I felt sickened. I did something I shouldn't have done, but my beautiful queen drove me to this point. I am a monster, and I love it. I am perfect, and my fans do crave me more than I crave blood. That's the way it should and shall be. It stabbed like dagger through my heart the way SHE treated me, so I needed a bit of pleasure. As I was walking down the streets of Helsinki, I saw a young attractive woman. She was wearing the most erotic clothing I had ever seen, actually, she was almost nude. I craved to taste her blood, and to feast on such a beautiful young woman. I knew that my beloved one doubted my words of only wanted her, but what was I to do? I would doubt myself too. Well as I was saying, I saw her sitting down reading a book called "the embrace." I noticed she had a Forsaken shirt on, but she had cut it up so it would look very attractive. I walked towards her and sat in the seat right in front of her. "Hello" I told her as I put her book down with the tip of my index finger. She stared at me in surprise and gave me a "hi". I asked her why was such a lovely woman all alone, she just said that she didn't want any man. "Not one man?" I raised my eyebrow as I told her that, journal. I feel not a bit guilty, yet guilt eats me alive. What has happened to me journal? Has my queen touched that spot that has been dead for over 200 years? Has my queen touched my, heart? Impossible! I am Lazarus, heartless, lovely, rock star. Anyway, she looked at me and smiled and got closer to me. She grabbed the bottle of water she was drinking form earlier and spilled it on her white Forsaken shirt, revealing most of her upper body area. "Oops, I spilled" she smiled at me. She licked the tip of her top teeth with the of her tongue, revealing fake fangs. So unattractive, at least I thought so. "Well Lazarus, there is one man that makes me very hot." I was not turned on at all, I just wanted to drink her blood, so I just played along. "Yes, and who may that man be?" I asked her the stupidest question, of coarse it was me! I am Lazarus, perfect. "Well, my shirt is all wet, I have to change now, want to go up to my bedroom? You know, maybe I'll tell you who's that man that makes me quiver" She smiled at me showing her fakes once again. *Shutters * what a huge turn off journal. I went up to her bedroom, which was right above the bookstore she was in. We messed for a little while and then I fed on her. Journal, I've been a very bad boy. My filthy little heart enjoys these type of women, as a feeding toy that is. I long for strong, beautiful, natural teeth (for sure), tough woman. Just like my princess, my queen. Well I don't say I'm a bad boy just because of this, I have done more today. I Seduced three other woman in their 20th's, actually one of them was getting married in 5 days. Guess she isn't anymore, I sucked her up dry. This teaches her not cheat on your loved ones. The one Girl that made me a bad boy was my last victim, Morgan. Morgan was at my Darling's house idolizing me as usual. My beauty was out feeding, and I was in, feeding. Morgan was listening to my music on her Walkman, I could hear it from miles away. I just appeared out of no where and taped her shoulder. She screamed loud, and when she saw me she turned pale. Morgan as the most unattractive thing I had ever seen. She was not ravishing like my dearest. "Oh my fucking lord!" she screamed and hugged me. Damn I hate it when stupid little teenage girls do that, but yes, if I were a stupid little teenage girl, I would do that too, I mean, I am Lazarus. "Hello, my beauty." I tried seducing her, and I did. "Oh my god. Oh my god. Lazarus, I love you so much, and I just wanted you to know…" I placed my index finger against her lips and told her not to speak. I gently pushed her down on the bed and got on top of her. Not only was she very unattractive, but her breath was horrible. She trembled in pleasure. Journal, I must admit, how I wish my sweetheart would desire me that much.
I touched her, I kissed her, and I hated it. I drank her blood, I bit her, I halfway raped her, but who is to say, she probably loved it. "Lazarus, I knew she wanted me, not Zomara," she said after I was done feeding on her. " I knew you loved me, and not her" I laughed at her foolishness and got up. "At no time would I ever like such a nasty looking girl like you. Look at my beauty, she is perfect. You, you are not even close to being beautiful." Her eyes were getting watery. "You are like a napkin, I wipe my dirt all over you, and then throw you away. This night meant nothing to me, so goodbye." I walked towards the window, and jumped out. Journal, I feel better now that I told that girl how I felt. I wonder what my flame is doing right now. Does she need me the way I need her? Journal, it is decided so. I am in love.
Till later,
Vampire Lazarus

I didn't believe what my eyes showed right in front of me. I couldn't. My heart was aching so much, I needed to cry, but I couldn't. What had I become? And emotionless beast? Is that what I am? Morgan was so young, so full of life, and now, all wasted. Apparently she stabbed herself 17 times, I counted the stabs. She had Lazarus's name carved into her arm. I knew she loved pain, but never thought she would do this. She was like my little sister, my best friend. If it weren't because she had been lying there on the ground for hours and her blood was cold, I would have probably killed her myself, or drank her blood. Tonight was hard for me to get blood. I had no experience really, but now I know how to get good young lads. Poor Morgan, I didn't know about her and Lazarus till later on. I was a vampire now, and I had gotten special powers, and one of them was to see. See images of things that had happened, or were going to happen. As soon as I touched Morgan's naked body, I saw images of what had happened. I was angrier of what had happened than of what she had done. How could Lazarus have betrayed me like that? Well I guess I am to blame, I treated him very roughly earlier. Either way, I am guilty too; I had my way with a man. I was walking through a music store, the one I had my first "embrace" with Lazarus's thoughts. Either way, I was walking and I saw a man. A very attractive young lad. His name was Derren, he was tall, skinny, pale, blue eyes and blonde. Very sexy looking, very good tasting. I seduced him and got him to go in with me into someone's apartment (my first victim of that night, which was a girl) He must have thought it was my apartment, I don't know. We chatted a long time, we smooched a bit, and had lots of hand movement, until I finally killed him. I cracked his arm, he screamed in pain, so I grabbed a metal bar and smacked all senses out of him till he was dead. His brains were showing, which made it very hard for me to eat, but I still did so.
I grabbed Morgan's body and threw her out of the window. My house's back yard was the ocean, so her body floated into somewhere else. I was hoping maybe the arctic, so her body would freeze and break into little pieces. I was so angry of what that idiot had done with my rock star. Later that night Lazarus showed up all mad asking me why I had been with another man, I bashed his guilty acts into his face too. He was speechless, he didn't know what to say, neither did he think I would know. Big bad Lazarus, had become an innocent little puppy around me. He did bite sometimes, but most of the time, he was obedient, and I loved that. OK, I am lying a bit, he was still his old self, but you could tell he would do anything for me, I had become pure evil, and he loved it, I did too. "Why the hell were you with another man?" he screamed at me as if he owned me, well, he halfway did. "That is not your problem Lazarus, now leave my house now, or would you enjoy killing me too the way you drove Morgan into killing herself?" he turned paler than his usual skin color and stood quiet for a while. "You belong to me Zomara!" he told me what I already knew, and I replied the same to him, "you belong you me too"
He was quiet most of the time, though he did talk sometimes. "My queen, my lover, my beauty, you are mine now, and you shall not have any sexual relationships with someone other than me." He was so calm as he spoke, almost gentle, boy was I wrong about him being gentle. " I will be with any man I desire" I saw his green eyes turn red as I told him those 8 words. He ran and screamed at the same time and pushed me out off my other window, which was right in front of Helsinki's college. I crashed through my window and hit the floor. I couldn't believe what he had done. At the moment I thought I was dead, but a few seconds later I opened my eyes. I was amazed, he pushed me out cause he knew I wouldn't die. I walked up stairs back to my house and walked right through the door, I didn't think vampires were like ghosts, but well, things I never knew about vampires.
There he was, drinking a cup of red wine sitting on my bed. "Hello" he said as if nothing had happened. I truly just wanted to kiss him, so I didn't become angry or anything, so I just said "hello" back. "Come sit next to me my darling, let us drink red wine and enjoy the sun set" It was about 5:45 now, and the sun was already coming out. "No thank you, but I do wish to drink red wine" I answered him, I never was too in love with the sun, so it could explode for all I cared. We drank red wine until we began to see two of each other, I fell fast asleep. And next time when I woke, Lazarus was lying next to me, there, he had not moved what so ever. He wanted to be there, here, with me. Was he in love with me? I hoped so, now I know he was and is, but back then, I doubted my sexy Finnish rock star so much.
When we both awoke form our 14 hour sleep we got ready and went off to an awards ceremony that Lazarus had to go to, and me being his lady, I had to go too. This didn't bother me at all, I loved being with Lazarus. When we got there, there were millions of people waiting for Lazarus's arrival, and once we both stepped out of the car, they began taking photos. There was one special Reporter that took a photo of us that night, and bother us for the rest of our lives, well until he tragically died of a mysterious bite mark, but that's another story in this book. His name was Devon, he had been tracking Lazarus and I for a long time now, he was "interested" in Lazarus's vampirism acts. No one believed it when Lazarus said he was a vampire, but Devon did. Which I guess made him a "clever librarian" as Lestat would have said. He snapped a few shots of us together. He snapped a shot of a "normal" gothic girl and Lazarus together. He also took a photo of me, Lazarus and a middle aged man. When he developed those photos, he noticed that Lazarus and my photos were all messed up. You could see us, but they were very bad looking. The photo of Lazarus, the old man, and I was very weird. Lazarus and I were very fuzzy looking, but the old man was perfectly normal. Devon thought it was time to tell the world about Lazarus really being a vampire. Next day on the newspaper, we were the center of attention. The only thing Devon did was make Lazarus's fan's more eager to see the Vampire man. And the fan's parent's a little more scared of what their little poor innocent children were listening to. Actually, everyone thought that Lazarus paid Devon to have our bodies be all fuzzy and look as if we were something different, and have him paste it on the newspaper saying we were vampires. The night of the award ceremony, Lazarus and Forsaken's other members received 3 awards. First award was for best rock group. The 2nd was for best song of the year, which was bow down to me. And the third award was for best all around band. I wasn't surprised at all, I knew Forsaken was very popular. I think they would have won all the awards, but then again, winning over 3 awards wasn't legal back then. Don't ask why. Well, it was legal, but that's the only thing that justifies the why he didn't get all 10 awards for all 10 categories. Lazarus looked Divine that night. He wore his hair the way he usually does, down. He let his hair cover his green eyes a bit though. That night he wore leather pants with a black long sleeve shirt and a sleeveless army green jacket. Like usual, he wore his chain and necklaces. That night he also gave me a necklace, it was the same form as the one he wore around his neck. It was a silver "V" and right on the tip, it had a very small cross hanging down from it. In the middle of the cross was a red ruby. He picked out my outfit for that night, he made me wear a dress. It was beautiful, it was blood red and it had a thing black piece of see through cloth on it, which made the dress look more of a crimson color, well actually, more of a dark red color. It was beautiful dress, he said I look unique in it. I believe him, because I am a very beautiful woman. I was starting to sound like Lazarus, self-centered and confident. When he went up to receive the first award, he read out a hate list. The second time he read out his love list, which only had 4 names on it. I was the first one on it, Zomara Corvis. The second, third and fourth , were Daniel Silken, which was his drummer, also know as lancet. Alexander Martwin, which was his guitarist, also known as muck. And last but not least, Vilhelmi Tremors, which was know as ville, the only nickname that actually made sense with his name, but I guess they earned their nicknames from their attitudes. Lazarus, was just Lazarus. His third Award, he just went up and told the crowd to beware, that he might come for them next. They just laughed, I wouldn't have if I were them, Lazarus, never jokes around with warnings. Devon was stalking me a lot and Lazarus did not like that at all, so one night he warned Devon that if he did not stop following me, he would have to murder him. Devon stopped following me for like two years, but then later, he began following me again. Lazarus and I were something like Romeo and Juliet, but we both were already dead so…(Lol) I guess we can't really die again.
An English man that went out fishing with his son found Morgan's body. Apparently, the hook poked through Morgan's eye and when they tried railing her back up, thinking it was a huge heavy fish, they saw her dead body. This news was out all over Europe, and once again, she had Lazarus's teeth mark. They called this the "Vampire plague" they never accused us though, at least not yet. They had a trial even though Morgan had been over one year dead. They called Morgan's mum in and she spoke about me, she said that Morgan hung out with me a lot. I being a 27-year-old woman, and she being a 15-year-old girl, this made it a bit weird. " Morgan hung out with that woman of 27 years of age. I never knew what they did. She probably harmed her" Morgan's mum cried as she sat on the little brown box of a seat confessing stuff. When it was turn for me to speak, I became a complete demon to her. "Excuse me lady, if there was anyone
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